Gary & Sine of Mt Claremont

We received this letter of recommendation from Gary Dufour and Sine MacPherson of Mt Claremont.  We had the pleasure of being part of their renovation journey as they set out to transform their entire home.

In 2013-2014 we rebuilt our entire home. The house was built in 1963 and we elected to keep the exterior walls and redesign the internal layout. This included shifting functional areas, for example the kitchens was relocated to an area that was previously a bedroom. The project was undertaken in three phases and we lived onsite throughout while different sections of the former house were walled off, gutted and rebuilt. The coordination of the plumbing and gas fitting was critical as it involved decommissioning the previous services for water, waste and gas and the installation of new services, including relocating the main water line and waste. As well, with us living in the property this had to be accomplished in phases to ensure we had a functioning kitchen, toilet, etc. at all times. We were especially pleased that all of the work undertaken by NJ Archer & Co. was always to specification. This made the project management and coordination of other trades easy as virtually no reworks were required throughout what was a total home rebuild.

NJ Archer and Co. are outstanding. Nathan understood our needs, set out a schedule for the works to be completed across thirteen months and ensured we could continue to live comfortably in our home. NJ Archer & Co. undertook all of the required work in a very professional manner and co-ordinated their work with the other trades laying floors, tiling, cabinetry installation and electrical requirements extremely effectively. NJ Archer & Co. always kept in touch to schedule visits in a timely manner to complete work when required. Most importantly if they committed to be onsite on any given day, they were and then worked through to complete any task to ensure it met the overall project timeline and kept essential services running for our comfort.

Beyond that NJ Archer & Co. often went that extra bit to ensure our satisfaction as customers. One of many examples was with the rerouting of the waste line from the new kitchen. They advised us when it could be done, gave us a couple of hours in the morning so we could remove the sod. They then trenched and laid the waste line, back filled and by the end of the day we were putting the sod back in position. Within about two weeks, due to the care taken by Nathan and his team, there was little evidence across our lawn that any works had been undertaken.

Since the project was completed we have experienced one manufacturer’s flaw with the valve in one of the toilets. We alerted NJ Archer & Co. to this and they were onsite the same day, sourced the correct part and completed the job.

Our overall experience with NJ Archer & Co. was terrific. They listen, are extremely courteous both when on site and with all communications. They performed all the plumbing and gas fitting required to a level beyond our expectations. To say that we are truly satisfied customers would be an understatement.

We commend Archer & Co. to you.


Gary Dufour and Sine MacPherson
Mt Claremont

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